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The Mage Academy of Transmutation and Alteration is rich in all kinds of items. They can be categorized in clothing, consumables, materials and miscellaneous.


Everything you can wear, hold or attach to your body counts as clothes. For a comprehensive list see Clothing.

Conjured Items

Conjured items are items that someone conjured onto you. For now, only the gardener can do that.
It is possible to change an existing item into a different one. This piece of clothes can't be transformed with Transform Item by you anymore, unless you use a Cleansing Soap first, which will turn it back (this won't remove the variants of your original item). Hilda also teaches you a spell to remove conjured effects from items as part of the Enchant Item spell.
It is also possible to create a new item in an empty slot. It will disappear if you try to move it to your inventory.

Hexed Items

Using a Bone Charm on a piece of clothing will apply hexes to this item. Hexes are are harmful effects in form of negative enchantment stats, that will also prevent the item from being removed, once equipped. Unlike normal enchantments, you won't know the effects on a hexed item until wearing it.
When you discover an unknown item, you might notice it has red letter, this means the item is hexed. You MIGHT also encounter items that are Magic, Occult or blessed, and will show positive stats, but upon equipping them, they will reveal themselves as hidden hexes(More on this below). In these cases, the hex stays undiscovered until you equip it, or until it blocks an attempted change of the fake enchantments of the item in a way that would have been otherwise valid (hexes prevent enchantments from being changed on afflicted items).

You can hide hexes on an item to trick other players into equipping them. It is as simple as enchanting an item first with the tier you want(You can enchant an item with blessed if you have enough resources to spare), and then using a Bone Charm on said Magic, occult or Blessed item. This will make the item look to other players like it was before the hex was applied. Have fun~
You can use Cleansing Soap to remove hexes from items.


This category comprises all edible items. For further information see Consumables.


This category comprises all items needed for clothing enhancement or as spell ingredients. For further information see Materials.


This category comprises all items that contain another item. Every container has it's own set of possible content from which a random one can be retrieved upon using the container. It is possible to dye containers. Different colored containers of the same kind have different subsets of possible contents.


Every not classifiable item is listed here.


Epistemic status: The tendencies of the classification should be right, but some items may or may not belong into an adjacent category

There are 4 categories of rarity in the game: common, uncommon, rare, and ultra rare.

For all practical purposes this is all you need to know, since there are no concrete percentages for specific items. But if you're still not satisfied and want to know a bit more, here's some additional info:

Each time you explore and find an item, there's a base chance of 5% that it's an rare of ultra rare one. If it's not, the chance is increased by 0.5% and resets if your character logs out, or you find a rare or ultra rare item. Every 7-8 or so rare item is an ultra rare item.

Item polls can be nested. The mushrooms for example are in one group, so when you roll a mushroom, it is then decided which one you'll get. That means although mushrooms are common, a specific one might be harder to get, same applies for all other groups (groups are not listed here, since we can only guess about those). The items inside a group can have the same weight, but it's also possible that they can have different, so that you can have a rare item inside an uncommon group for example. The rarities within the groups are not affected and don't reset the increased chances from finding no rare items.