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Welcome to the Battle Mage Royal Wiki

Enroll at the Mage Academy of Transmutation and Alteration, and venture into the secret world of erotic transformation. Fight to maintain your independence and even your humanity, in a battle to see who will make it furthest in this world. Will you complete your studies unchanged? Will you attack others turning them into your thrall? One thing is for certain no one is likely to remain un-accosted for long.

About Battle Mage Royal & the Wiki

Battle Mage Royal is a browser-based visual novel styled MMORPG based off of themes of erotic transformation. Its currently in development by its author Tinon & crew. This wiki is being designed as an information repository for all the magical things and people in the game world to help the community playing the game.

We sincerely hope that you enjoy playing.

Good places to start browsing

Are you new to the game and uncertain what to do, if you're missing something, or if a gnome has turned your pocket lint into snakes? Try reading our Beginner's Guide! Or at least the FAQ!

You're not such a wimpy freshman? How dare we not to recognize you, the master of magic and defeater of dragons? You want to transform us into your newest bunny harem additions for alleging such blatant lies? Woah, calm down! Here's a list of useful links to study and refresh your already vast knowledge:

Community Links

Battle Mage Royal Patreon

Developers twitter @BattleMageTinon

Getting started