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Materials are items that are needed for crafting tasks or as spell ingredients.

Item Usage
Sol Talisman
Astral Talisman
Triple Goddess Talisman
Needed to add, strengthen and reforge clothing enchantments
Luna Talisman
Blood Moon Talisman
Needed for reforging clothing enchantments
Solstice Talisman Randomizes the numeric values of the magical properties
Talisman of Eclipsing Needed to remove or reforge clothing enchantments
Malachite Beads Needed for Restore Self
Hematite Beads Needed for Soul Imprint
Cleansing Soap Needed for Cleanse Body
Ornamental Charm Reforges an item with a new random accessory variant
Chromatic Dye Recolors an item with a new random color variant