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With the help of the right materials it is possible to furnish your clothes with attribute enhancing qualities.

A garment can experience three different levels of enhancement: Magic > Occult > Blessed

Enchanted items always have 2 different attributes. The first one is one of the higher order attributes Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence and Willpower, while the second one comes from the lower grade attributes Body, Action, Hit, Evasion, Mind, Spell, Penetration and Resistance.


There are two ways to upgrade a non-magical item. The first is to use a single Sol Talisman on it, which will make it an Magic Item (in rare cases Occult or even Blessed) and give it random attributes. The second is to use Enchant Item for the price of 4-8 Sol Talismans, which gives you the opportunity to choose one of the attributes.

To upgrade a Magic Item to an Occult one, you need 1 Astral Talisman. The attributes are preserved in this process, only it's values increase randomly.

A Triple Goddess Talisman will upgrade an Occult Item to a Blessed one. The attributes will not be preserved in this process. They will be removed and you get two new, random ones.


If you are unhappy with the attributes your item has, or you think they are to low, there are four ways to change them:

  • A Luna Talisman will give your Magic items two new random attributes and values, and a Blood Moon Talisman will do the same for Occult Items
  • Using the Enchant Item spell, you can reforge Magic, Occult and Blessed Items for the cost of 4/8 Luna Talismans, 4/8 Blood Moon Talismans, or 1 Talisman of Eclipsing and 4/8 Triple Goddess Talismans, ensuring 1 attribute of choice
  • The Solstice Talisman gives your item's magical properties new random numeric values
  • With the Talisman of Eclipsing you can remove all magical properties from an item and begin the enchantment process anew


If you feel to powerful or just want to have a cheaper way to gamble for your desired attributes, the Talisman of Eclipsing is there for you and will remove all those pesky magical properties from your items.

Tips and Tricks

Since Astral Talismans and Triple Goddess Talismans are rare to super rare, and Sol Talismans and Talismans of Eclipsing are not, a good and faster way to get occult and blessed items is to repeatedly cleanse and use a Sol Talisman on an item, until you get lucky and it becomes an occult or blessed one this way. The chances are high enough to make it worthwhile, the attributes are randomized either way when upgrading with a Triple Goddess Talisman and you can save the Triple Goddess Talismans for reforging, if you like.