Chromatic Dye

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Chromatic Dye

Chromatic Dye is an item used to give Clothing a color or re-roll color. Update 0.16 introduced a new backer-exclusive feature for dynamically colored item sprites that reflect the actual color of the item! Backers with access to colored item sprites will see all items in their actual color, and all their items will be displayed in their actual color to other players, regardless of whether they themselves have access to the feature.

It can be found everywhere and stacked up to 20 times.

Can be used in combination with Transform Item and found recipes to change the color of items giving more variants then using raw.

If used on a Container, it can change the possible content.

Possible item colors (excluding containers) are:


Navy, Dark Blue, Blue, Sapphire, Sky Blue


Teal, Cyan, Aqua Marine


Black, Dark Green, Indigo, Dark Red


Dark Green, Green, Lime, Spring Green


Spring Green, Indian Red, Beige, White, Cream


Rust, Vermilion, Carrot, Orange

Pink Deep Pink, Hot Pink, Pink


Indigo, Purple, Violet


Dark Red, Indian Red, Amaranth, Red


Sunset, Mustard, Yellow

Using the dye raw (without the use of a crafting recipe) can result in a few colors unobtainable through recipes

They are as follows: Metallic, Invisible, Gold, Silver