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Here is the list of all the frequently asked questions and some not so frequently asked ones that just sound like they could belong here.

What are the odds to find item/spell X?

See Items#Rarity. Won't get better than that, sorry!

I can't find spell X!?

Did you do all your classes? Is it an event exclusive spell? Some spells can't be found by exploring, like some Polymorph variants, so have a look at the Complete Spell List.

The classes are repeating themselves, what am I doing wrong?

You reached the end of the current content. Take a look at Classes to see what skill levels are available.

Why has my spell no effect?

Some spells only work, when body or mind of the target is at zero. Other do have an effect you can't see easily (e.g. Impair Speech). But the most common reason for an ineffective spell is, that either you or your opponent have the corresponding tag disabled. Yes, that means changing the gender of the opponent won't work if your own tg tag is disabled!

How can I remove effect X?

Sometimes it's using it's counter variant. Is it mentioned in the corresponding spell page? Maybe we forgot to add it, but most probably... Malachite Beads, sorry!

Did a gnome turn my pocket lint into snakes?

Well, probably not. But do you really want to risk that? Better keep your hands where you can see them for now.

Can I have multiple characters?

It may look like it, but no, that feature is not available yet. You'll have to create multiple accounts for that.

There's a new content update, where can I find the info?

The updates are announced on Discord: Battle Mage Royal Community Discord If it's pretty fresh, it'll probably take a while until you see the new things in the wiki. It's community based, so that only happens when someone finds the time, muse and an untroubled place. Feel free to add it yourself!