Mythic Form

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The successful application of a Mythic Form spell gives the target character traits of mythic beings. While Mythic Form is not a spell on it's own, it comes in different variants which will cause distinct transformations to the target.

The variants can be found through exploring in the Library. The spell costs are 1 Spell Point and 1 Action Point for each execution.


Every completion of a spell variant adds an additional trait to the target character. The effects are applied in a specific order, though some conditions can affect set order. If the target already has different mythic traits the spell may interact, reverses or replaces some of them. The same applies for Polymorph variants.


Possible traits are:

  • Halo
  • Angelic Wings


  • Infernal Halo (only when possessing a angelic halo first. Fades away as last step)
  • Demonic Tail
  • Demonic Hands
  • Demonic Horns
  • Demonic Wings


  • Kitsune Tail
  • Kitsune Ears
  • Kitsune Legs
  • Kitsune hands
  • Kitsune Facial Features