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The Arboretum, a location on the school grounds used to study nature magic and herbalism. A sure stop for any aspiring alchemist. Rumour has it that Nymphs roam the area looking to lure away oblivious mages in an attempt to transform them into their ilk.

The Arboretum is host to many different plants and trees with benches for the students and teachers to relax on and stone architecture to inspect. If you look closely enough you may find something odd about certain trees.

Items in this location


  • White Mushroom
  • Brown Mushroom
  • Large Mushroom
  • Wrapped Candy
  • Holiday Gift(Yule event only)
  • Chromatic Dye
  • Ornamental Charm


  • Malachite beads
  • Hematite beads
  • Cleansing Soap


  • Astral talisman
  • Bloodmoon talisman
  • Chromatic dye
  • Cleansing soap
  • Luna talisman
  • Ornamental Charm
  • Sol talisman
  • Solstice talisman
  • Talisman of eclipsing
  • Triple Goddess talisman


  • Items dropped by players