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The player character. At character creation, the player has the ability to pick from ten different appearances from five different natures. While it has no impact on the actions that you'll be able to take within the game. it will, however, affect first impressions and how your character will feel about performing those actions

Each nature is characterised by a different avatar, colour and gender but has little bearing currently on in game effects.


Defined by its rich purple colour and a neck length wild hairstyle in both variants as well as a lithe body type.

this nature is perfect for those wishing to play a deceptive, manipulative and crafty character more willing to outmanoeuvre and outsmart opponents.


The curious nature is represented by an avatar of elegant blue hue's. It has a short hairstyle for the male version conversely the female version owns a sensible bun style haircut, each has quite short bangs.

This nature is likely to draw those with a passion to investigate & learn marked by an inquisitive nature enamoured by something novel or unexpected.


This sincere nature is marked by warm yellow and orange colours the female version owns a pair of long striking yellow braids while the male version has medium length shaggy hair.

The Pure nature will undoubtedly draw honest, decent and virtuous players.


Well built physically this nature is characterised by tones of green, being the two largest physically endowed natures they are taller and stronger than their counterparts. The male variant has a short well maintained hairstyle while its female mate has long hair pulled back into a high pony tail.

This nature is likely to interest people wanting to play durable and vigorous characters


Charismatic beauty is the best way to describe this nature, characterised by a deep crimson colour and a very unique figure between both the male and female versions. Its clear that this nature oozes sex appeal. Both of the forms have long hair flowing hair likely well taken care of.

This nature is sure to draw people looking to play a charismatic character.


The player character is affected by various attributes which affect various mechanics within the game, there are 4 main attributes which then have 2 derived attributes as well. For example strength has the body and action derived stats, Improve your strength and these are also improved.

There are two major elements that currently change the value of these attributes, Qualitys that your character will pick up via various different spells, like enlargement or breast reduction and enchanted gear, which can provide bonuses too either a major attribute or a derived stat

Strength: Strength is a measure of your physical constitution, it dictates the number of actions you can perform each turn and increases your body stat.

Body Effectively a measure of health points within the game, if your body stat is reduced to zero in a fight then you will be stunned for a period of time defenceless against your opponent.

Action Dictates the amount of actions that your character can perform in a round, the more points you have to spend the more actions you have in a round, that means that you can sling more sap body's or minds students.

Dexterity: Dexterity is a measurement of agility and physical proficiency. More dexterity makes it easier for you to hit other students with your spells and avoid being hit by theirs.



Intelligence: Intelligence is a measurement of your mental constitution, it dictates the number of spell points that you have between rests and increases your mind stat



Willpower: Willpower is a measurement of your strength of character and mental proficiency, having more willpower makes it easier for you to force your will on others while resisting theirs in turn.




Of course being a game about magic, wizards & witches the player has the ability to cast spells.

You can find a complete list of spells here [1]