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!!! Disclaimer: New things are often subject to frequent changes, have not been tested or researched by the community sufficiently and the info here can therefore be missing, incorrect, out-of-date, or misleading. !!!

Half the fun is discovering new things, experiencing the unexpected and let unseen magic get the best of you! So stop reading, or don't click the links, if you don't want to miss out on that.

Here are the changelogs, starting from 0.11. Bugfixes and similar are deliberately omitted. Take a look in Discord for those.


Update from September 26, 2020

New Features

Combat has received a massive overhaul that should make the combat experience more enjoyable for everyone. Health and damage has been scaled up to allow for players to deal damage in fractions of what they could before. Together with this change, Willpower and Resistance has been changed to affect damage taken and dealt instead of hit and evasion, which means damage in the game will no longer build on an all-or-nothing principle. You can read more about the changes to combat in the Combat Changes section below.

Scenarios can now have a workbench similar to the one from the first enchantment class with Merrill. The workbenchs allow players to craft rare and otherwise inaccessible items! The content of the local chat input field is now saved between sessions so players won't lose their message if they accidentally quit or refresh. This feature only works for sessions that are remembered between logins.

New Content

Added a staggering 40 new items (all wearables!) with graphics by xtatoto!

Added 16 new exploration encounters related to discovering the many new items.

Combat Changes (Massive Overhaul)

- Base health and damage has been multiplied by 100, meaning a new character now has 500 mind and body health.
- Because Body and Mind need double the investment on equipment to properly cover both defenses, enchantments now grant double the Mind and Body they did previously. This means the value of Body and Mind enchantments have been increased, while Strength and Intelligence enchantments now grant extra Body and Mind in addition to what is gained from the primary stat. This change also affects existing items.
- Penetration now Resistance now affect your damage dealt and received, respectively.
- Reflected spells now deal half damage and use your opponent's penetration against your resistance for calculating damage.
- Reflected spells now deal a third of their damage and uses your penetration versus your own resistance for calculating damage.
- The critical hit multiplier has been reduced to 175% (down from 200%).
- Spells that spent a spell action now deal 50% more damage.
- Base evasion change has been set to 10% (down from 50%).
- Deflect has been removed as a term and all unsuccessful attacks are now considered misses.
- Reflected spells are now calculated from successful hits instead of deflected hits.
- Critical and reflected hits are now calculated at the same time and a critical reflected hit cancels the reflected spell (no damage dealt or taken by either player). A successfully reflected spell still cannot make a critical hit against its caster.
- If your hit - 2 > opponent's evasion, your spells will never be dodged.
- If your penetration - 2 > opponent's resistance, your spells will never be reflected.
- A spell will have a 5% chance to rebound for every 1 point of hit below 11.
- A successful hit will have a 2.5% chance to be reflected for every 1 penetration > opponent's resistance - 2.
- A successful hit will have a 5% chance to be a critical hit for every 1 hit > opponent's evasion -2.
- All attacks have a minimum 5% chance to land a critical hit.

Other Changes

- Matchingmaking has been adjusted so players without the RP tag enabled are more likely to run into other players.
- Updated the Collar, Bra, Panties, and Jeans with new graphics by xtatoto.
- All existing Bras have been replaced with a Triangle Bra that more closely resembles its previous graphics.
- Pants are now shown as being worn instead of folded while equipped.
- Improved performance of server scenario operations.
- Created a more robust item image pipeline.
- Added logic for items to be unique, meaning you can only wear one or X of the particular item. Previously, items could only be unique within a group, say bras or ties, but it seemed silly having to make a group for one item.
- Vastly improved monitoring of game server health to help with diagnosing errors in the future.
- The game server will now restart immediately if it loses access to the database for any reason instead of remaining unresponsive for an unpredictable amount of time.
- Implemented stronger measures against DDoS attacks and internal errors that would have similar results.


Update from July 21, 2020

New Features

Matchmaking has been added to the game with the help of Aien. The matchmaking system attempts to pair like minded players and considers several different variables that are listed below. Unless a roleplay partner is found, the matchmaking system will also pair players up less, so players are less likely to run into players who leave immediately.

- Pairs players according to their interest in roleplaying
- Pairs players according to the number of tags they share
- Pairs players according to their relative power
- Prevents players from being paired with players on their ignore list

New Content

Added 6 new spells.(3 here and 3 here)
Added 3 new items.
Added 1 new sex act by Arch.
Added 37 new traits with graphics by xtatoto.
Updated 21 traits with graphics by xtatoto.
Expanded on 1 explore encounter.

Spell Effect Changes

Polymorph no longer applies animal traits randomly. Instead, animal traits are applied in a specific order, though some conditions can affect set order.

Other Changes

Turn update has been greatly optimized.
There are now more convenient ways of removing various animal traits from your body.
The algorithm that determines which explore encounter is found has been greatly optimized.
Polymorph and similar spell effects have been overhauled.
Some sex scenes have been adjusted.


Update from May 25, 2020

New Features

The system that handles the inventory, items, and equipment has received a major overhaul.

  • Equipped items no longer take up inventory space.
  • Held item is saved in the database and organizing items is generally much more responsive.
  • The item in your workbench is now stored in the workbench as well.
  • Backers now get a larger heirloom container.

Conjured items have been implemented, though these spell effects are only accessible to NPCs for the time being.
The game now supports numerous more slash commands other than the existing ones for changing channel:

- Invite: /invite <username>
- Request invite: /request <username>
- Friend request: /friend <username>
- Remove friend or cancel friend request: /unfriend <username>
- Accept friend request: /accept <username>
- Leave encounter: /leave
- Ignore player: /ignore <username>
- Unignore player: /uignore <username>
- Show total playtime: /played

Another 16 slash commands have been added for debugging purposes, which are only accessible to players on the test server.
The server now has a shutdown timer that will warn players before a server restart. The first warning will happen 15 minutes before restart, and then again every five minutes until five minutes are left, at which point it will warn players every minute until the server restarts.

Local Chat

Hotkeys for opening and closing menus and prompts have been implemented. Hotkeys for opening and closing menus can be set in settings. Default hotkeys:

- Escape: Close/hide any prompt or menu, if no input field is focused, otherwise it shows the exit prompt.
- Myself [C]
- Inventory [I]
- Spells [S]
- Skills [K]
- Social [O]
- Messages [M]
- Settings [T]
- Next Location [L]
- Inspect Opponent [Alt+1]

Improved controls system for handling items with dedicated controls for touch input.

- Left click: Move
- Right click: Use. Shows dropdown of possible actions if item has non-generic uses.
- Shift + Click: Unstack.
- Shift + Left Click while using an item: Spam

New Content

Added 2 new items.
Added 1 new color variant.
Added 1 new explore encounter.
Added 1 new accessory variant.
(Have a look here for all of the above)
Added placeholder art for Ram Horns quality.

Combat Changes

Equip action cost is no longer imposed while in the dormitory.
Made adjustments to hit calculation:

- No longer take the average of two rolls when calculating a successful hit. This was creating an unfair advantage for hit builds against players with lower defenses, because the normal distribution would be centered in their favour.
- Calculating a crit was using the same roll as calculating a fumbled spell, which caused crit to overperform relatative to fumble chance. (With 15% chance to fumble, approx. 6% of successful hits would crit with a crit chance of 5%)
- Reflection now also has a minimum 5% chance to happen on an unsuccessful hit, similar to how crit has a minimum 5% chance to happen on a successful hit.
- What's considered a deflected spell rather than a missed spell has been improved to better reflect stat distribution between characters.

Spell Effect Changes

Lactation will now prevent Milk Maiden speech impediment from wearing off while at max stages.
Milk Maiden will now guarantee a critical hit against people who produce moderate amounts of milk or more.
Being under the Milk Maiden speech impediment will now sometimes cause your character to make idle moo sounds.
Speech impediments will once again last indefinitely when cast on self or following a critical hit. Speech impediments can still be replaced by another one in this case.
Improve speech impediments algorithms:

- How words are spoken is now more consistent.
- Fixed numerous formatting errors.
- Fixed numerous errors that caused numbers to be displayed incorrectly for dumb people and bimbos.
- Numbers are now stupid in a more logical way.
- Removed chance for sentences to trail of while under the Milk Maiden effect.

Cleansing Soap can now be used to remove conjured effects that are concealing an item.
Improved how spellcasting is being processed, making cross-server casting much faster.

Other Changes

Hucow encounter has been made less common.
Tights and Stockings can now be worn as pants.
Increased the stack size of Cleansing Soap to 10 (up from 5).
You can now use found items without having to move them to your inventory first.
Tooltip position has been improved and tooltips will now appear immediately, instead of after a small amount of time.
You can now press or hold space, enter or return to continue or fast-forward dialog, respectively.
Offline friends are now faded out to make them less prominent.
Private messages send by you have had their bubble color adjusted to make it more easy to distinct between sent and received messages.
Text alignment has been improved with assistance from @MechMage.
Eating a Cookie will make you vulnerable to the hucow virus again.
Major rework of system that handles changes to characters, making it faster and less prone to failure.
Loot container no longer closes immediately when the item has been picked from it. This allows players to more easily swap the container's content with something else they would rather discard, if low on space.
Closing the loot container is now treated as attempting to discard the item, in order to make discarding unwanted items less confusing, and will display the same prompt when clicking the cross.
You can no longer send private messages to players on your ignore list.
Inspect data is now handled by the game server instead of the website, which makes sure displayed stats and other effects are exactly as the game server sees it.
Loading own data and that of online characters have become faster in most cases, and the most common situations have seen the most improvement.
Greatly reduced flickering of inspect window when changes happen, and window is a lot more responsive to changes happening to online characters that are in another location: You can now see what's happening to friends in near-realtime!


Update from April 6, 2020

New Features

Local chat now has three different channels: Say, OOC, and Emote. Channels have each their own color to make them more distinct and writing in OOC and Emote automatically formats the text with parentheses and asterisks, respectively. Writing in the say channel will automatically apply speech impediments to your text.
Each channel also has a number of slash commands for fast and easy access.

  • Say: /say /say
  • OOC: /ooc /o
  • Emote: /emote /em /me /e

The first explore encounter has been added to the game. These encounters may also allow you to explore again.

New Content

Added 1 new spell
Added 1 new explore encounter
Added 3 new traits that become visible through other traits

Other Changes

You can now press Escape to unfocus an input field or, if no input field is focused, close all menus.
Spell effects will now use the local chat box while alone instead of the wide scenario dialog box.
Following a solo scenario, the chat box will reappear to show previous effects.
You can now use the local chat while alone after forcing a spell effect. In the future, the local chat will be more important while alone and you will be able to open it a more direct way.
Speech impediments no longer become permanent. Instead, speech impediments last for a much longer time when applied multiple times or following a crit.
Eating a cookie has had it's effect replaced.
Elvish is now discovered elsewhere.
Optimized how trait details are computed before being passed on to the client.
Implemented support for more advanced effects on traits.